I’m a Mum, I work for a charity and I like being creative. I’ve never written a blog before – I don’t really know what I’m doing so it’s going to be a learning experience! I’ve got as far as working out that this is the “About” section, so here’s a little something “about” me and this blog!

In March 2014 I had a baby. Which is an amazing thing. I also suffered from Post Natal Depression. Not such an amazing thing. Actually, this is the first time I’ve publicly said that and there will be people who know me, but didn’t know that, now reading this. I spent most of the time hiding it and feeling pretty rubbish and embarrassed about it. I know I shouldn’t have felt ashamed but I did. But that’s a whole subject for a later post.

Now, nearly two years on, I’ve survived and started to come out the other side thanks to a number of factors. An unimaginably supportive and patient husband, a gorgeous little girl who makes me laugh every day, incredible family and friends and…hobbies! Yep, hobbies! Does that sound a bit cheesy? It’s not meant to.

Finding something to do for myself in the little spare time I had was a huge factor in recovering and in feeling like myself again. I’ve picked up both old, long abandoned hobbies as well as trying out a few new ones. And now that includes blogging.

This blog isn’t really supposed to be a “Mummy” blog – there’s so many good ones out there that I don’t know if I’d have anything new to add – I’m hoping to focus mostly on the creative side of things, how my hobbies are progressing, what new equipment, tools and products I’ve found. But my experiences as a Mummy have brought me to this point and shape me everyday so there is a place for that too.

I suppose I see this blog as a sort of therapy, as well as a place to focus and organise myself and my somewhat erratic brain! But if it becomes of interest to others or somehow encourages or inspires them in anyway then that’s a big fat bonus!